New Year’s resolution time is finally upon us. If you’re anything like us, you gorged on sweets for cookie exchange week and have vowed to start the year off with a new workout routine and a healthy eating plan. Let's face it, those jeans aren’t going to un-snug themselves.

You scoured Pinterest, ventured to the grocery store, and prepped your breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for the week. Something’s missing, right? It’s that little something sweet you look forward to after breakfast and before lunch. Or that post-workout protein bite you keep telling yourself tastes just like a candy bar.

Trust us, we know the feeling. We’ve put together a list of healthy, delicious, and nourishing snack recipes to help curb your mid-afternoon hunger pains and fuel you through your post-work pilates class. Try them out and be sure to share your results using the hashtag #YesYouCran

Trail Mix

This trail mix is three small ingredients that pack a mighty punch. With tart cranberries, salty roasted pistachios, and sweet white chocolate chips, there’s something for every taste bud in this bunch. Separate this mix into a reusable containers and snack to your heart's content!

Don’t stop there, though! Get creative and combine other sweet/salty flavor combinations to create your own personalized mix. Try starting with cranberries and adding in other dried fruits, nuts, sweets, seeds, or grains. Make sure you share your perfected recipe with us!

Chocolate Cranberry Almond Oatmeal Bites

We dare you to stop after just one. These bites chew like a cookie without the use of an oven. Sweetened with honey and chocolate chips, these clusters are packed with oats, peanut butter, almonds and our tart little cranberries. These fit the bill for a healthy midnight snack, too!

Granola Bars

Granola bars typically take a beating at the bottom of your gym bag. Try making this no bake version and give yourself something to look forward to after your workout. Cut out all the unnecessary fillers and opt for this simple, filling, and delicious protein boost.

Vegan Cranberry Crumb Bars

This recipe is so good, there won’t be a single crumb left, but an added benefit is the many ways you can use the leftover cranberry chia seed jam! It works wonderfully on these deliciously portable crumb bars - but we encourage you to get creative. Try this spread on toast, pancakes, crackers, or even add a scoop to your morning smoothie. There are so many different ways to recreate this snack, let your creativity run wild!