2 oz. Unsweetened cranberry juice

2 oz. Deep Eddy Cranberry Vodka

1 oz. Fresh lime juice

3 oz. Ginger beer

5-6 Decas Farms fresh or frozen cranberries

1 Sprig fresh rosemary, sugared 


Cominbe juice, vodka, and lime juice in a cocktail skaker full of ice.  Cover and give this a good shake.  Pour into mule mug and fill with ginger beer.  Top with cranberries and rosemary.  Drink and be merry! 

Notes:  To sugar rosemary, first dip the sprig into a somewhat sticky liquid such as simple syrup, Rose's lime juice, or honey water.  Next, press the wet sprig into sugar to coat.  Oila!

Servings: 1